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Amigo Caters Spanish Cuisine catering delhi

Spanish Cuisine

Spain is known for its rich history & culture & what adds further to its beauty is the range of famous Spanish cuisine in the world from uniquely made soups to healthy meat dishes, Spain offers the best food for every taste.


Spanish Dish-

Marinated Olives, Aioli, Pan Tomate, Patata Bravas, Croquettes, Gambas Al Ajilo, Nacho Con Cheese, Tortilla Espanola and Paella.


Spanish Desert-

Churros Con Sugar Cinnamon, Churros Con Chocolate Dip and Turron

Mediterranean Cuisine

This cuisine refers to the culinary trends shared by a diverse array of peoples that live in the region around the mediterranean sea. This cuisine is very much the product of cultural influence and exchange. The most universally used and prevalent ingredient in this cuisine is olive oil, which works its way into a variety of dishes both as cooking agent and as dressings.

we at Amigo’s expertise in this cuisine and serve a wide range from salads, dips, appetizers to some mouth-watering main courses.

Mediterranean cuisine-

Hummus, Baba Ganouz, Muhammara, Tzatziki, and Cheese Olive Dip


Attention to Detail

We commit to providing you with bespoke food presentations that look as beautiful as they taste.

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